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May 14-15, 2014

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Testing Your AMI Models
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New Year's Resolution:
Validate Your Model Data

by Todd Westerhoff
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Design of Experiments (DOE)

Design of Experiments Datasheet

How Design of Experiments
Saved my CEI VSR 28G Design,
Design Con 2014
Available for download in eLearning)

Design of Experiments: Saving Time with
Statistical Models
Barry Katz


Automated Support 
for DDR4 Analysis

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Example Test Bench from
DesignCon 2012 Tutorial
on AMI Models

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Advanced Signal Integrity Solutions for State-of-the-Art
High-Speed Digital System Design

  • Accurate results 100 to 1,000 times faster than traditional simulation methods. 
  • Reduce Time to Market and Increase Your ROI with Award-winning Tools for Parallel and Serial Link Analaysis


A structured methodology for full system signal integrity that alllows designers to run 10's of 1,000's of simulation cases to spot system-level trends in a fraction of the time it would take with a physical prototype.  View Webcast Now 
  • Experience - Developed, delivered and correlated more IBIS-AMI models than anyone in the industry.
  • Leadership and Innovation - SiSoft co-authored the original IBIS-AMI specification and continues to extend IBIS-AMI.
  • Commitment to Open Modeling Standards - SiSoft's models are fully IBIS compliant.  SiSoft publishes its extensions to IBIS-AMI for everyone else to use.

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about SiSoft's IBIS-AMI Modeling Services and our Leadership Role in IBIS-AMI.

To learn about Opal, SiSoft's set of Best Practices for IBIS-AMI modeling, click here.
SiSoft™ is a full-service EDA company providing award-winning simulation software, methodology training and consulting services for system-level high-speed design.   We partner with our customers to solve today's most challenging signal integrity problems.  SiSoft’s consultants can analyze your high-speed design for you, or provide the tools and training you need to perform high-speed design analysis in-house.

SiSoft provides a full range of model development, design analysis and methodology training services
To learn more about SiSoft, Download our Company Profile now.
Quantum Channel Designer®
 is the Industry’s Premier Channel Simulator for the design and analysis of multi-Gigabit serial links and a DesignVision Award Winner.
Quantum-SI™ is the leading solution for integrated signal integrity, timing and crosstalk analysis of high-speed parallel interfaces. 
  • Automate comprehensive pre- and post-route analysis of high speed interfaces
  • Explore hundreds of design tradeoffs automatically, quickly optimizing designs for cost, reliability and performance with Design Space Exploration.