Accelerating the Design Cycle

SiSoft accelerates design cycles by collaborating with customers and suppliers to develop innovative solutions to the world's toughest high-speed design problems.  Whether you're designing multi-gigabit serial links or high-speed parallel interfaces, SiSoft's tools automate repetitive tasks and automate your design cycle.
Quantum Channel Designer (QCD) uses advanced IBIS-AMI models to simulate
multi-gigabit serial links, showing how SerDes equalization interacts with high speed channels to affect link Bit Error Rate (BER).
Quantum-SI (QSI) uses IBIS and HSPICE models to analyze signal integrity for parallel interfaces, automatically processing waveforms to validate compliance to DDR4, DDR3 and other standards.

Customer Collaboration in Action:

Read about a case study presented by SiSoft, Ericsson and SiGuys on Virtual Prototype Analysis (VPA) which describes a virtual system model that supports 48 hour turnaround from PCB layout changes to updated results.

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From Our Customers:

“We are delighted to be working with SiSoft.  As the established leader in the field of system design and analysis for high-speed parallel and serial interfaces and multi-gigabit serial links, SiSoft has enabled us to ensure the signal integrity on all our NFP-32xx high-speed interfaces. By making SiSoft’s technology and capabilities available to our NFP-32xx customers, SiSoft is helping them to accelerate development time while minimizing risks.”
Niel Viljoen,
Founder and CEO of Netronome

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