Accelerating the Design Cycle

SiSoft accelerates design cycles by collaborating with customers and suppliers to develop innovative solutions to the world's toughest high-speed design problems.  Whether you're designing multi-gigabit serial links or high-speed parallel interfaces, SiSoft's tools automate repetitive tasks and automate your design cycle.
Quantum Channel Designer (QCD) uses advanced IBIS-AMI models to simulate
multi-gigabit serial links, showing how SerDes equalization interacts with high speed channels to affect link Bit Error Rate (BER).
Quantum-SI (QSI) uses IBIS and HSPICE models to analyze signal integrity for parallel interfaces, automatically processing waveforms to validate compliance to DDR4, DDR3 and other standards.

Customer Collaboration in Action:

Read about a case study presented by SiSoft, Ericsson and SiGuys on Virtual Prototype Analysis (VPA) which describes a virtual system model that supports 48 hour turnaround from PCB layout changes to updated results.

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“The combination of SiSoft’s modeling expertise and Altera’s intricate understanding of advanced transceiver technology allow us to deliver highly accurate, high-performance IBIS-AMI models to our customers.  With these models, the complex circuit components in our devices can be rapidly simulated to represent highly accurate serial link performance.”
Bernhard Friebe
Senior Product Marketing Manager, High-end FPGAs

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