Welcome to SiSoft eLearning

Welcome to SiSoft eLearning

SiSoft's eLearning area is dedicated to providing ongoing education for high speed systems designers and signal integrity specialists. The eLearning site is currently divided into the following categories:
  • IBIS-AMI - Interested in this new standard for SerDes modeling and how to use it? You'll find useful information here.
  • Papers & Presentations - You'll find the complete set of papers & presentations that SiSoft has presented at technical conferences here.
  • Quantum Channel Designer (QCD) Design Kits - You'll find the latest status on currently available QCD SerDes Vendor Implementation Kits here.
  • Quantum-SI (QSI) Design Kits - SiSoft Design Kits let you get a head start on your next design project by providing ready-to-run simulation setups for specific interfaces and component combinations.
  • References - Contains links to some of our favorite web sites and technical information.
  • S-Parameters Resources - Working with S-Parameters in QCD
  • Webinars - SiSoft webinars discuss topics like SerDes design, IBIS-AMI models, S-parameters, Co-optimization, vias and more. Previously recorded webinars are available for replay 24/7.

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We chose to work with SiSoft because of their demonstrated leadership in IBIS-AMI. SiSoft’s deep expertise in simulation and modeling with an exclusive focus on advanced system-level signal integrity aligns with Inphi’s continued innovation in high-speed, high-signal integrity semiconductor solutions.”

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