Multi-Gigabit Serial Link Design

Multi-Gigabit Serial Link Design
As serial link speeds increase, eyes close at the receiver input and active equalization circuitry is needed inside the receiver to recover a usable signal. The behavior of the receiver's equalization and clock recovery behavior must be analyzed over tens of millions of bits to get a reasonable estimate of the link's Bit Error Rate (BER) Quantum Channel Designer combines time-domain, frequency domain and statistical techniques to provide support for this new class of designs.

QSI Datasheet (PDF)

High Speed Parallel Interface Design

High Speed Parallel Interface Design
Quantum-SI integrates timing, signal integrity and crosstalk analysis to provide true high speed design closure for system, FPGA and ASIC designs.
Quantum-SI Design Kits give you a head start on your design cycle by offering pre-scrubbed and pre-integrated static timing and signal integrity models for popular standard interfaces, in addition to detailed documentation. Quantum-SI Design Kits allow you to start simulating immediately, and can be readily adapted to your design's specific requirements.

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"This is the second generation of Virtex technology where we have collaborated with SiSoft to develop and correlate IBIS-AMI models to reference simulations and hardware.  The combination of these IBIS-AMI models and SiSoft’s QCD provides customers with accurate simulation results at speeds more than 100 to 1000 times faster than traditional simulation methodologies, allowing customers to quickly optimize their designs for cost, reliability and performance.”

 Anthony Torza, senior product marketing manager at Xilinx


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