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SiSoft has been providing expert signal integrity consulting services since 1995. SiSoft's experienced consulting staff (averaging over 20 years experience) has worked closely with our customers over the years to help them solve some of the toughest high-speed signal integrity and timing issues.

These experiences have led to a design team that has industry leading capabilities in the following areas:
  • Pre-/post-layout PCB system level signal integrity, timing, and crosstalk analysis and design
    • Topology and termination strategies
    • Guideline generation
    • Margin analysis (SI and Timing)
  • ASIC and custom IC technology and architectural assessment
    • Technology selection
    • Clock architecture
    • Power delivery
    • IO selection and assignment
  • Library and model development
    • 2-D/3-D electromagnetic modeling
    • IBIS model creation
    • IBIS validation
    • Timing model creation
  • Package design and analysis
    • Stackup and routing guidelines
    • Power Delivery
    • Ball/bump/pad assignment
  • PCB design
    • Design reviews for good engineering practices
    • Decoupling and power delivery analysis
    • Stackup and routing evaluation
  • Laboratory test and validation
  • Design failure resolution
As active designers in the SI field, SiSoft's staff found that the available industry tools were incapable of addressing the total design problem. Signal integrity issues can't be solved without understanding the impacts of timing and crosstalk on the design. Developing scripts to perform this work for each customer or new technology was inefficient, so SiSoft developed the Quantum-SI product that not only addresses these issues, but also tightly integrates pre-layout and post-layout design flows and facilitates design analysis reuse.

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“We are delighted to be working with SiSoft.  As the established leader in the field of system design and analysis for high-speed parallel and serial interfaces and multi-gigabit serial links, SiSoft has enabled us to ensure the signal integrity on all our NFP-32xx high-speed interfaces. By making SiSoft’s technology and capabilities available to our NFP-32xx customers, SiSoft is helping them to accelerate development time while minimizing risks.”
Niel Viljoen,
Founder and CEO of Netronome

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