Methodology and Product Training

Product training focuses on the use of the Quantum-SI solution and their implementation of SiSoft's Core-to-Core™ methodology. Our methodology provides a formalized process for analyzing signal integrity and timing from the inputs of output buffers to the outputs of input buffers and all the electrical interconnects in between.
Methodology and Product Training
Methodology and tool training include: project and library setup; I/O Characterization and driver selection; design analysis reuse; integrated signal integrity and timing analysis, as well as techniques and methodologies to minimize board-level crosstalk. SiSoft provides training on how to leverage the pre-layout environment and constraint generation into the post layout validation and analysis process.

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"This is the second generation of Virtex technology where we have collaborated with SiSoft to develop and correlate IBIS-AMI models to reference simulations and hardware.  The combination of these IBIS-AMI models and SiSoft’s QCD provides customers with accurate simulation results at speeds more than 100 to 1000 times faster than traditional simulation methodologies, allowing customers to quickly optimize their designs for cost, reliability and performance.”

 Anthony Torza, senior product marketing manager at Xilinx


Xilinx - Second Generation Virtex