We have exciting news to share with you. SiSoft is now part of MathWorks®, maker of MATLAB® and Simulink®, and a leading developer of products used for designing, simulating, and testing RF and mixed-signal systems.

SiSoft has been developing world-class products for high-speed system design since 1995. Our successes in serial and parallel link design, and later in SerDes and IBIS-AMI, were driven by deep engagement and insights gained from you, the customers we serve.

Recently, we recognized the growing needs of our customers. As a result, we sought deeper investments and a broader platform. When we met the team from MathWorks, we realized that we found the right home for SiSoft. MathWorks is a global company that has been delivering tools used by engineers for over 35 years.

The SiSoft team joined MathWorks and delivered SerDes Toolbox™ and Mixed-Signal Blockset™ in 2019 and two new products, Signal Integrity Toolbox™ and RF PCB Toolbox™, in 2021. These products provide all the capabilities from SiSoft for serial and parallel link analysis, along with MATLAB integration and high-fidelity electromagnetic modeling. We remain compatible with existing SiSoft projects while adding support for emerging wireline standards. Follow the link below to learn how you can begin your transition to these new products from MathWorks.

We’re going to go further, faster as part of MathWorks, meeting even more of your needs in the future. Thank you for trusting and supporting SiSoft products. We look forward to continuing to work together.

Barry Katz
Director of Engineering, RF & AMS Products, MathWorks

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