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COM – It's a Fine Line

Our previous look at COM established how, why, and where COM fits into serial link SI analysis. Furthermore, we explained how COM defines a "line" to help evaluate our channels - much in the same way the lines on a tennis court help define the game. While debate might occur when the ball lands on the line, it never occurs to us to ask if the line is in the right place. Nevertheless, regarding COM, in this post we ask that question: "Is COM's line in the right place?". Personally, I prefer to sim...

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Donald Telian, SiGuys - Guest Blogger 2/25/2021 Comments(0)

COM’s Place in Serial Link Signal Integrity

COM, or Channel Operating Margin, has become a leading metric in the development of serial links. Why is that? …and where did it come from? More importantly, how do I use COM effectively in my designs? This post is the first of a 3-part series that explores how COM relates to serial links, SiSoft tools, and your design process. In Search of a Line If you play tennis you know that lines are helpful. Is that serve or smash in or out? A tennis court’s lines are well-defined, bound and s...

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Donald Telian, SiGuys - Guest Blogger 11/18/2020 Comments(0)

Managing Loss and Discontinuities

The practice of Signal Integrity increasingly focuses on managing loss and discontinuities. Each system struggles with one or the other, making it imperative to determine which issue is dominant and respond appropriately. If your interconnect is long, you’ll likely grapple with loss. If it is short and/or modular, minimizing discontinuities becomes imperative. While long and short are simplifications that track with loss and discontinuities respectively, the challenge of managing their imp...

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Donald Telian, SiGuys - Guest Blogger 7/1/2020 Comments(0)

Signal Integrity, Then and Now

When I compare "Signal Integrity" now to what we practiced in the 1980s, it is unrecognizable. Integration has consumed the old task giving way to the new, and so the next generation will not practice the Signal Integrity of the previous. Not surprisingly, SI methodology has adapted to keep pace with a 10,000x increase in data rate and a 100,000x increase in integration. Indeed, I've seen major shifts in the practice of SI about every 10 years. Amidst that much change it's important to understan...

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Donald Telian, SiGuys - Guest Blogger 6/15/2020 Comments(0)

Why Serial Links?

Author: Donald Telian , SI Guys - Guest Blogger Over the past couple decades every style of high-speed interface switched to serial transmission. I/O, Graphics, Disk, Backplanes, CPU, Long-Reach, Short-Reach, you name it - everything except memory . Serial technology is reliable, extensible, and will be with us for many years to come. In practice, Serial Links are now the primary focus of Signal Integrity. Yet serial links brought significant disruption to the industry. New signaling, new route ...

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Donald Telian, SiGuys - Guest Blogger 5/13/2020 Comments(0)

Simulators, Models, and the Next Great Thing

Author: Donald Telian, SiGuys - Guest Blogger Day one at my first engineering job and my manager is explaining the problem I need to solve. Signals need to transmit in a new configuration at a faster data rate than before, and it wasn't clear if it would work. Little did I know how many times I'd get handed that same problem in the decades to come. But this time was different. Fresh out of college, my mind was full of circuit theory, network nodal analysis and differential equations, so I prop...

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Donald Telian, SiGuys - Guest Blogger 4/9/2020 Comments(0)