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7 Steps to Successful Serial Link Layout - Part 3

This is the final installment in our 7 Steps series. If you’re just now tuning in, Part 1 detailed the primary problems we need to solve when implementing serial links: loss and discontinuities. In Part 2 we examined the pragmatic side of how those problems are handled during the layout process. Now in Part 3 we focus on issues that arise in manufacturing as well as opportunities related to software configuration – both important topics to address before we wrap up this series on the...

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Donald Telian, SiGuys - Guest Blogger 11/30/2018 Comments(0)

7 Steps to Successful Serial Link Layout, Part 2

This is a continuation of my previous post detailing the 7 Steps required to successfully implement a serial link. While all 7 steps aim at controlling discontinuities and loss concepts introduced in Steps 1 and 2 , this post ventures into the pragmatic aspects of managing loss and discontinuities during the routing process. Ever wonder how a tiny via stub can destroy your signal? Read on. Step 3: Route Using Best Practices While it would seem self-evident that you need to route using best pract...

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Donald Telian - Guest Blogger, SiGuys 11/5/2018 Comments(0)

7 Steps to Successful Serial Link Layout, Part 1

Over the past 15+ years I’ve been accumulating a checklist of items required for successful serial link layout. I refer to the list when a customer requests a design review of their implementation, without simulation. The swelling list also regularly appears as an Appendix in reports I write for other customers. So when we began developing our Pragmatic Signal Integrity course often co-taught by SiSoft and SiGuys at DesignCon , I thought Wouldn’t it be great if I could boil this list...

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Donald Telian - Guest Blogger, SiGuys 10/4/2018 Comments(0)

When Should I Simulate?

This question is not asked as much as it should be. Companies that simulate routinely or never at all can both benefit by asking it. As a Consultant, asking and answering this question for my customer is part of my value add; defining effort and expense commensurate with the task at hand – no more, no less. Learning how to answer this question is one of engineering’s soft skills and the subject of this post. To be sure, inventors and purveyors of technology IC companies, standards bo...

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Donald Telian - Guest Blogger, SiGuys 9/5/2018 Comments(0)

Fixing Signal Integrity Issues in Software?

Yes, you read that right. Unheard of? Read on. The history of electronics is checkered with many things that should have caught on, and others – like the internet – that surprised us with their ubiquity. This post is about something I expected to become one of the greatest boons for Signal Integrity SI : SerDes Equalization Settings SES, only accessible through software . I was wrong. You’d be surprised to learn how many of my customer’s SI issues – particularly tho...

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Donald Telian, SiGuys - Guest Blogger 8/9/2018 Comments(0)