November, 2018

7 Steps to Successful Serial Link Layout - Part 3

Author: Donald Telian , SI Guys - Guest Blogger This is the final installment in our 7 Steps series. If you’re just now tuning in, Part 1 detailed the primary problems we need to solve when implementing serial links: loss and discontinuities. In Part 2 we examined the pragmatic side of how those problems are handled during the layout process. Now in Part 3 we focus on issues that arise in manufacturing as well as opportunities related to software configuration – both important topics...

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Donald Telian, SiGuys - Guest Blogger 11/30/2018 Comments(0)

7 Steps to Successful Serial Link Layout, Part 2

Author: Donald Telian , SI Guys - Guest Blogger This is a continuation of my previous post detailing the 7 Steps required to successfully implement a serial link. While all 7 steps aim at controlling discontinuities and loss concepts introduced in Steps 1 and 2 , this post ventures into the pragmatic aspects of managing loss and discontinuities during the routing process. Ever wonder how a tiny via stub can destroy your signal? Read on. Step 3: Route Using Best Practices While it would seem self...

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Donald Telian - Guest Blogger, SiGuys 11/5/2018 Comments(1)