Quantum-SI Design Kits

SiSoft Design Kits let you get a head start on your next design project by providing ready-to-run simulation setups for specific interfaces and component combinations. SiSoft Design Kits come in three basic categories:
Architectural Design Kits provide pre-route analysis setups for specific interface technologies and protocols (ex: DDR2, DDR3, PCIe Gen 1). These kits use technology simulation models and generic interconnect topologies. Architectural Design Kits are available to registered SiSoft users and can be downloaded from the Support area of the website.
  • DDR4/5 Memory Down
  • DDR4 Registered (Rawcard B for 3 slot system)
  • DDR4 Memory Down
  • DDR3 Registered
  • DDR3 Unbuffered
  • DDR3L Unbuffered
  • DDR2 Registered
  • DDR2 Unbuffered
  • DDR2 Unbuffered with PLL
  • GDDR5 x32
  • PCIe-1
  • PCIe-2
  • RLDRAM2 (Common I/O)
  • RLDRAM2 (Separate I/O)
  • SATA-1
  • SATA-2
  • USB-2
  • XAUI
Implementation Design Kits include simulation models for specific combinations of components and are set up for specific interface configurations (ex: Intel controller to 2 slot Micron DDR2 Registered DIMM). These kits are created by SiSoft's consulting services organization and are available for individual purchase. For more information, please contact us with your project needs.
  • Intel Kits 
    Click here for a list of available Intel design kits and information on how to access them.


Validation Kits include complete post-route simulation setups for specific reference PCB designs, and can be used to establish a baseline for new design efforts. Validation kits are available both from semiconductor manufacturers and as custom kit developments from SiSoft. For more information, please contact us with your project needs.
For more information on Quantum-SI Design Kits, click here.