This section contains links to information we've found helpful. These links are to information outside our site, so we can't be responsible for the currency or accuracy of this information ... but we thought you would find these links useful anyway.

10 Things to Know About PCI Express (Tektronix)

Statistical Analysis Demystified - This article provides an overview of how a pulse response can be used to predict a network's behavior over all possible input stimuli. The techniques discussed here are conceptually similar to the techniques used in Quantum Channel Designer.

High Speed Serial I/O Made Simple (Xilinx, 210 pages) - an introduction to Serial IO and associated design issues when designing with FPGa devices.

IBIS Home Page - IBIS is the ANSI/EIA standard for interoperable high-speed I/O models. Both Quantum-SI and Quantum-Channel Designer use IBIS component models as the basis for component and package modeling information.

IBIS Advanced Technology Modeling Task Group Work Archive - IBIS-ATM is the task group that focuses on adapting the IBIS standard to meet future modeling needs. The task group's presentations and documents are stored on this site.