Data Mining (QCD/QSI/SiViewer)

QCD and QSI allow users to run thousands of simulations quickly, but sorting through the resulting data to identify trends and find the "needle in the haystack" can be a challenge. New sorting and filtering capabilities in SiViewer's results table greatly increase the level of visualization and trend analysis users can perform directly in SiViewer, without exporting data to other tools. Users can filter data using constraints in multiple columns and select "roll-up" treatments where multiple rows of data are aggregated using specific to data methods. Visibility and ordering of the many columns of data in SiViewer can now be quickly controlled from a new pop-up menu, making it easy to focus in on specific design behaviors and the conditions that cause them. This new ability is also rolled out to other tables throughout the UI including the Padstack/Trace Manager and Post-Layout interface.