Quantum Channel Designer (QCD) FAQs

What are the main advantages of QCD?

QCD provides the following benefits, among others:
  • Optimize your channel and SerDes IP
  • Validate entire systemspre- and post-route
  • Most certified IBIS-AMI models
  • Automated standards compliance
  • Intuitive, superior use model

How many channels does QCD validate?

QCD enables you to easily perform pre-layout design space exploration on 100s to 1000s of channels.QCD automatically extracts post-route topologies to perform post-route analysis, letting you validate every channel in your entire system.

What benefits do the QCD Design Kits provide?

QCD Kits accelerate your design cycle by providing ready-to-run setups for vendor models. Designers can immediately run simulations with the reference data and quickly import their own channel data to determine how the SerDes IP will perform with their channels.

What insight can I gain by evaluating SerDes transceivers with QCD?

QCD allows you to assess how new SerDes transceivers can boost the performance of a legacy backplane. Superior support for IBIS-AMI models lets you assess the unique capabilities of each vendor's technology. QCD simulates end-to-end link behavior, allowing you to evaluate how different SerDes transceivers compensate for loss, reflections and crosstalk in the channel.

How does QCD check for standards compliance?

QCD analyzes your design for compliance with time - and frequency - domain masks, automatically flagging violations