Quantum-SI (QSI) FAQs

What are the main advantages of QSI?

QSI provides the following benefits, among others:
  • Analyze your entire interface at once
  • Flexible, accurate modeling
  • Integrated pre-/post-layout analysis
  • Comprehensive waveform processing
  • Advanced simulation results viewer

Why is QSI more robust than traditional tools?

Traditional tools perform signal integrity analysis only, leaving timing analysis and the integration of signal integrity and timing data up to the user. Quantum-SI uses net-class specific information to drive signal integrity analysis, using appropriate data rates and stimulus patterns.

What benefits do the QSI Design Kits provide?

Quantum-SI Design Kits are ready-to-run setups for popular interface standards such as DDR4/5 that can save weeks in your next design cycle. Quantum-SI Design Kits are available at three levels of customization: Architectural, Implementation and Validation.