SiSoft and Signal Integrity FAQs

What is Signal Integrity?

Signal integrity is often thought of as the analog side of digital. A “signal” is an electrical impulse transmitted or received, and “integrity” is an unimpaired condition. With that in mind, signal integrity encompasses not only getting an electrical impulse to travel unimpaired, but also figure out what impairments are problematic, and how such impairments can be predicted, understood, and corrected.

What products does SiSoft offer?

SiSoft provides award-winning EDA simulation software and methodology training for system-level high-speed design. SiSoft's software products automate comprehensive pre-and post-route analysis of high speed interfaces, detailing a design's operating voltage and timing margins. Quantum Channel Designer (QCD) is the industry's premier channel simulator for the design and analysis of multi-Gigabit serial links, and a DesignVision Award Winner. Quantum-SI (QSI) is the leading solution for integrated signal integrity, timing and crosstalk analysis of high-speed parallel interfaces.