December 2018 - TechNeeks
in Newsletters - 12/17/2018

Part 3 of "7 Steps to Successful Serial Link Layout", challenges of measuring PAM4 signals, PCIe Gen4 Design Kit and much more.  Also, looking ahead to DesignCon 2019.

SiSoft at DesignCon 2019
in Events & Conferences - 12/04/2018

November 2018 - TechNeeks
in Newsletters - 11/16/2018
This month features Part 2 of our blog series, "Successful Serial Link Layout".  You also won't want to miss tips for Designing Via Impedance

October 2018 - TechNeeks
in Newsletters - 10/24/2018

This month's issue features part one of "Serial Link Layout in 7 Steps" as well as tips on dealing with changes in trace widths, relevant feature size and more.  

September 2018 - TechNeeks
in Newsletters - 09/18/2018

Examine topics like, "When Should I Simulate?"; S-Parameters, TDR and Discontinuities; Frequency-Dependent Trace Models; How to Choose DDR Drivers and ODT; Pre-configured DDRX Kits for easy set-up to leverage the full capability of QSI - just see how many complex measurements are fully automated! 

Meet our Guest Blogger
in Announcements - 09/18/2018

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August 2018 - TechNeeks
in Newsletters - 08/23/2018
Fixing Signal Integrity Issues in Software, Latest Software Release, Trading Eye Height and Width, Hybrid Memory Cube Design Kit, QCD Training Videos, SiSoft's Advanced Tx/Rx AMI Models

July 2018 - TechNeeks
in Newsletters - 07/17/2018
Which discontinuities are small enough to ignore? New videos and kit for crosstalk analysis, Resolving BER with Time-Domain AMI Models, Configuring our Advanced SerDes AMI models.

REALTIME with DesignCon, Video Interview with Barry Katz, SiSoft president and CTO
in Events & Conferences - 02/06/2018
Andy Shaughnessy, Design007 Magazine sits down with Barry Katz to talk about what's new in SiSoft technology.

Chiphead Visits the SiSoft Booth at DesignCon
in Events & Conferences - 02/01/2018
Come me Chiphead at our SiSoft Booth at DesignCon