10 Must-See Moments at DesignCon 2018


From ConnectorSupplier.com, Jan 15 2018


Go back to school at DesignCon. Three all-day boot camps give engineers a chance to go in-depth on topics including signal integrity, very-high-speed differential signaling, and test and measurement.

  • The signal integrity (SI) camp — led by signal integrity expert Michael Steinberger, independent SI consultant Donald Telian, and SiSoft VP of semiconductor relations Todd Westerhoff — takes attendees through an interactive demonstration of the development of a typical SI project. Learn the principles of pragmatic SI and how to manage them to produce consistent results and solve problems that may come up in a variety of scenarios.
  • The very-high-speed differential signaling boot camp led by Lee Ritchey, founder and president of Speeding Edge, will allow attendees to examine measurements made on more than 30 test PCBs used to determine the characteristics of materials available for use in building ever-faster products, as well as to assess the effects of vias, connectors, and mounting structures. This camp is a must for designers who are working with high-performance products.
  • The test and measurement boot camp features hand-on training for measurement hardware and techniques, with discussions of frequency and time-based instrumentation and lab-based experiments led by an all-star team of expert instructors: J. Danzy, senior RF and microwave application engineer; Heidi Barnes, senior application engineer and DesignCon 2017 Engineer of the Year; Mike Resso, signal integrity application scientist I; Steve Sekel, 400G solutions specialist, OIF PLL Interop WG Chair; Bob Schaefer, R&D project manager and master engineer for the Signal Integrity Group; Robert Sleigh, strategic planner; and Luis Boluna, senior application engineer for high-speed digital systems.