Latest Quantum-SI Release Targets Mainstream Engineers


Latest Quantum-SI Release Targets Mainstream Engineers

Maynard, MA -- March 31, 2005 - Signal Integrity Software, Inc. (SiSoft™) today announced its Quantum-SI™ 2005.03 product release, which targets mainstream engineers that are being pressed into service to analyze complex high-speed parallel buses and multi-gigabit serial links. Analyzing high-speed interfaces is not an easy task, even for experienced signal integrity engineers. Without the proper tools, signal integrity analysis can be a daunting, if not impossible, task for engineers who do not normally do SI work on a full-time basis.

"Some of our customers who contract for services with SiSoft also purchase our products," said Doug Burns, SiSoft's VP of Consulting Services. "My group has had many opportunities to work with customers who don't normally do signal integrity work. These customers come to SiSoft because they don't have confidence in purchasing the right set of tools or setting up the required process flows. However, since we have introduced our new product, I have been encouraging many of these customers to take a serious look at Quantum-SI. I have put together a number of deals involving services and products. For example, I might contract with a company to do the pre-layout analysis for a PCB, which requires setting up libraries for signal integrity and timing analysis. We give the customer a complete pre-layout analysis environment for Quantum-SI with a product purchase and then they perform the post-layout verification. Customers new to signal integrity really appreciate this handholding during the initial phase of their learning process. It's a win-win for all concerned."

Warren Hayden, vice president of SiSoft's product group commented, "This release is the second step in our phased penetration into the mainstream signal integrity market. SiSoft has already posted some record wins in the high-end signal integrity market where leading industry companies have opted to replace their costly high-speed products with SiSoft's. We have a very responsive organization that can respond quickly to industry trends and needs. A year ago, SiSoft couldn't effectively compete in the mainstream market because our products were too difficult to use by most engineers. We really catered to SI experts that didn't mind a little tool pain and who wanted infinite scripting flexibility. However, the last two releases of Quantum-SI have really changed all of that. We now have scores of evaluations in process and are winning many more first-time sales in companies that are new to signal integrity analysis."

About Quantum-SI
Quantum-SI is available in four different product configurations with a number of add-on options that allow customers to easily tailor product configurations to meet their specific needs. Product pricing starts as low as $5,500 for a yearly term-based license and $11,000 for a perpetual floating license. All products include signal integrity, timing, and crosstalk analysis. Quantum-SI is available on Windows 2000 and XP, with planned releases later next year on other platforms. Entry-level products provide pre-layout analysis capabilities, while the more advanced product configurations address pre-layout analysis and post-layout verification for complex multi-board systems.

About Signal Integrity Software, Inc.
Signal Integrity Software, Inc. is a leading provider of signal integrity products and expert consulting services for high-speed system-level interconnect design and analysis. SiSoft offers industry leading signal integrity and timing analysis solutions for high-speed interface design and analysis. Its products provide unprecedented accuracy in predicting system-level noise and timing margins, as well as unparalleled value and ease-of-use. SiSoft's consultants specialize in signal integrity design and analysis of IC interfaces and electronic interconnects, including model development, I/O buffer characterization, package design and analysis, and single/multi-board system-level interconnect analysis. Information on SiSoft is provided at