Measurement-Based Simulation: Increasing IBIS-AMI Model Accuracy with Data from Lab Measurements


Location: Ballroom F
Date: Wednesday, January 30, 2013
Time: 10:15 AM - 10:55 AM

The combination of a spectrum analyzer and specific data patterns can be used to reliably identify different jitter and noise sources in SerDes transmitters and receivers, quantifying the associated impairments precisely. This paper uses data measured on a real system to explain the procedures for measuring clock-based DCD, data-based DCD, reference clock phase noise, clock leakage, power supply noise, transmission loss, and crosstalk in the serial channels at the system level. Once the different impairments are quantified, jitter and noise budgets are extracted that can be used by standard serial link simulation tools. This allows data extracted from silicon characterization to be used to accurately predict operating margins during new system design. This paper will demonstrate the derivation of device jitter and noise budgets along with the correlation of simulated results to the original measured data.



Dr. Michael Steinberger, Lead Architect of Serial Channel Products, SiSoft
Paul Wildes, Principal Signal Integrity Engineer, SiSoft
Anders Ekholm, Expert, Signal Integrity and Timing Analysis, Ericsson AB
Nicke Svee, Hardware Designer, Ericsson AB