Michael Steinberger, Ph.D., joins SiSoft to lead development of Serial Link design tools


Michael Steinberger, Ph.D., joins SiSoft to lead development of Serial Link design tools

Maynard, MA -- January 5, 2007 - Signal Integrity Software, Inc. (SiSoft™) today announced that Michael Steinberger, Ph.D. has joined the company as a distinguished member of the technical staff. He will assume a leadership role in SiSoft's ongoing tool development for design and analysis of serial links in the 5-20 Gbps range. Before joining SiSoft, Dr. Steinberger led a large group of design engineers at Cray, Inc. responsible for SerDes design, high speed channel analysis, PCB design and custom RAM design. He drove the development of in-house methodologies and software at Cray used to successfully design and validate 6+ Gbps serial links.

Dr. Steinberger has over 29 years experience in the design and analysis of very high speed electronic circuits. He started his career at Hughes Aircraft designing microwave circuits. He then moved to Bell Labs, where he designed microwave systems that helped AT&T move from analog to digital long-distance transmission. He was instrumental in the development of high speed digital backplanes used throughout Lucent's transmission product line. Dr. Steinberger holds a Ph.D. from the University of Southern California, and has been awarded 7 U.S. patents.

The addition of Dr. Steinberger brings even greater depth to a team of signal integrity experts averaging greater than 20 years each in the industry. Key members of SiSoft's current senior staff include President and CTO, Barry Katz; Chief Scientist, Walter Katz, Ph.D.; Chief Scientist and Vice President of Consulting Services, Douglas Burns; and, most recently, Vice President of Software Products, Todd Westerhoff.

"I'm thrilled to have Mike join SiSoft", said Barry Katz, president and CTO of SiSoft. "His extensive experience in microwave design, digital system analysis and software development all make him the perfect choice to lead our current development efforts for serial link analysis. He combines expertise in diverse technical disciplines with the drive to get things done - both critical skills in a small company environment. We couldn't have found a better candidate, both from a technical and a company culture perspective."

"I'm very excited about this opportunity" said Dr. Steinberger. "We have already established the validity of these design techniques based on real-world experience. We can now develop a commercial product that provides serial link designers with a comprehensive toolset which can also drive standardization in the marketplace."

About SiSoft™
SiSoft is the leading provider of integrated timing and signal integrity solutions for high-speed digital system design. SiSoft's Quantum-SI™ products allow users to rapidly determine interface operating margins and achieve High-Speed Design Closure™, providing unprecedented accuracy in predicting system-level noise and timing margins. Quantum-SI Interface Analysis Kits are pre-configured analysis setups for popular interface standards that encapsulate both interface architectures and design requirements to accelerate the high-speed design process.

SiSoft ensures its tools remain at the forefront of high-speed design by providing advanced high-speed consulting services including model development, I/O characterization, package design/analysis and system-level interconnect analysis. SiSoft design consultants utilize SiSoft's own commercial software to address some of the industry's most demanding design problems, helping ensure software product quality and enhancements while driving future development.

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