New Integrated Environment for System-Level Signal Integrity/Timing Analysis


SiSoft Announces New Integrated Environment for System-Level Signal Integrity/Timing Analysis

Maynard, MA - January 27, 2003 - Signal Integrity Software, Inc. (SiSoft), a Massachusetts based consulting services and EDA company, today announced the release of SiWorkBench™, a new graphical front-end capture system for their existing SiAuditor™ toolkit. SiWorkBench provides SiAuditor users with an intuitive method for quickly capturing IC interfaces and electrical interconnects and analyzing them for signal integrity, timing, and crosstalk.

"SiAuditor already provides the industry's most rigorous environment available for analyzing highspeed systems," said Barry Katz, SiSoft's President and CTO. "SiSoft's Q2 release of SiAuditor, with its new SiWorkBench functionality, will provide our customers with unprecedented capability to solve today's tough system-level signal integrity and timing issues. Our new product configuration will enable electrical and signal integrity engineers to quickly perform 'what if' analysis, as well as exhaustive pre-layout and post-layout signal integrity, timing and crosstalk analysis."

"The new SiAuditor release raises the bar in signal integrity analysis for complex multi-board systems," said Douglas Burns, SiSoft's Chief Consultant. "SiAuditor checks every edge of every simulation utilizing over 18 measurement levels, and gives us the capability to perform the most rigorous waveform and eye diagram processing in the industry. Our SiAuditor product provides a complete HSPICE/IBIS simulation environment for pre-layout and post-layout analysis, including automatic setup of the post-layout simulations directly from the pre-layout database."

SiSoft's solution implements its Core-to-Core™ analysis methodology, which addresses critical signal integrity and timing issues from the input of the driving I/O cell buffers to the output of the receiving I/O cell buffers. SiSoft has created and patented an implementation independent net list description (Transfer Net List) to implement its methodology. This approach describes how devices are connected at a level of abstraction that automatically maps both the logical and physical implementation to the Transfer Net List. In other words, the critical reusable information is inherent in the data structure, facilitating easy reuse of analyzed data.

"Some of SiSoft's customers have shaved off more than 50% of their analysis time for complex, multi-board systems," said Barry Katz. "This represents a savings of many man months of labor, but more importantly, it can translate into millions of dollars when a company is able to meet critical time to market windows."

Pricing and Availability
The new SiAuditor solution is available in Q2, 2003 from SiSoft. For more product information or to become a beta site customer, contact sales at 978-461-0449 or