SiSoft Addresses the Challenges Facing Today's Serial Link Designers at DesignCon 2007


SiSoft Addresses the Challenges Facing Today's Serial Link Designers at DesignCon 2007

Maynard, MA -- January, 29, 2007 - Signal Integrity Software, Inc. (SiSoft™) announced that Todd Westerhoff, vice president of software products, will present a TecPreview at DesignCon, Tuesday, January 30th , entitled "Incorporating System Noise and Crosstalk into Serial Link Analysis" which focuses on key issues facing serial link designers today.
At 5 Gbps and above, the combined effect of high speeds and link loss can completely close the eye at the receiver input. Receiver equalization is used to recover a usable data eye, but the recovered eye is never observable at the system level. Traditional methods of measuring eye mask compliance at the receiver input become impossible, requiring accurate modeling and simulation of serial link behavior for effective system design & optimization.

SiSoft has developed a new serial link analysis tool, Quantum Channel Designer™, aimed at serial links operating in the 5-20Gbps range. Quantum Channel Designer employs a mixture of frequency-domain, time-domain and statistical techniques to provide designers with accurate end-to-end predictions of Bit Error Rate (BER) data for high-speed serial links.

"One of the critical missing pieces in serial link analysis tools has been modeling of clock recovery algorithms", said Barry Katz, president and CTO of SiSoft. "Quantum Channel Designer models the combined effects of transmitter equalization, channel impairment, crosstalk, receiver equalization and clock recovery. Modeling the combined distributions of the recovered eye and sampling clock allows Quantum Channel Designer to accurately predict BER and support effective system optimization."

Quantum Channel Designer's capabilities include graphical design capture, analysis and display of network transfer functions, and statistical and semi-analytical BER prediction. Quantum Channel Designer's high capacity simulation engine can predict link behavior and BER using billions of bits worth of data. Simulation results are provided in a variety of output formats, including graphical plots, spreadsheets and popular data interchange formats.

"Crosstalk is a key factor in the performance of next generation serial link designs", noted Dr. Michael Steinberger, SiSoft's lead architect for Quantum Channel Designer. "Quantum Channel Designer integrates pre and post-route crosstalk analysis with link BER prediction, a first for serial link EDA tools."

"Quantum Channel Designer continues SiSoft's tradition of bringing cutting-edge design and analysis solutions to the high-speed marketplace," said Todd Westerhoff, SiSoft's vice president of software products. "Quantum Channel Designer enables a paradigm shift in serial link design and analysis, by allowing users to quickly evaluate the effect of different encoding schemes, equalization settings, physical routing strategies and clock recovery schemes on overall link BER."

The TecPreview session, "Incorporating System Noise and Crosstalk into Serial Link Analysis", will take place Tuesday, January 30, at 2:30PM. More information on this presentation can be found at
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SiSoft is the leading provider of integrated timing and signal integrity solutions for high-speed digital system design. SiSoft's Quantum-SI™ products allow users to rapidly determine interface operating margins and achieve High-Speed Design Closure™, providing unprecedented accuracy in predicting system-level noise and timing margins. Quantum-SI Interface Analysis Kits are pre-configured analysis setups for popular interface standards that encapsulate both interface architectures and design requirements to accelerate the high-speed design process.

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