SiSoft Annouces Opal


SiSoft Announces Opal™ Resource Guide for Developing High-Quality, Portable IBIS-AMI Simulation Models of SerDes PHYs

The Contribution of Opal Exemplifies SiSoft’s Commitment to
Advancing the EDA Industry through Open Modeling Standards
Anaheim, CA – June 15, 2010 - Signal Integrity Software, Inc. (SiSoft™), headquartered in Maynard, MA, will introduce OpalTM, a comprehensive resource guide for developing accurate, portable IBIS-AMI models at the IBIS Summit held in conjunction with DAC today in Anaheim. The Opal document includes the following:
  • Best Practice Guidelines: Proven techniques for developing high-quality, portable IBIS-AMI models based on practical experiences with dozens of real-world models.
  • Advanced features: Proven methods for extending the functionality and accuracy of IBIS-AMI models while maintaining full compliance with the IBIS 5.0 syntax and Golden Parser.
IBIS-AMI, a modeling standard for SerDes PHYs, has helped create the market for EDA serial link simulation tools. Explosive growth in the use and speed of SerDes devices has posed challenges to IBIS-AMI model developers, EDA companies and model users. These challenges have included model quality, model portability and a need for advanced features that accurately model the latest transceiver technologies.
SiSoft’s goals in developing and publishing the Opal document are to:
  • Drive the development of high-quality IBIS-AMI models
  • Establish guidelines by which IBIS-AMI model quality can be measured 
  • Ensure IBIS-AMI models are portable across multiple EDA simulators
  • Enable the standardization of advanced modeling features
“It is SiSoft’s hope that the IBIS committee will consider Opal for incorporation into future versions of the IBIS specification and modeling cookbooks,” said Barry Katz, SiSoft’s president and CTO. “Our contribution of Opal to the IBIS Committee represents SiSoft’s ongoing commitment to open modeling standards,” Barry said. “SiSoft is taking years of experience working with the world’s leading semiconductor vendors and bringing that back into the IBIS standards effort. ”
Opal is being offered under the terms of a Creative Commons license, which allows semiconductor vendors, model developers, EDA companies and end users the ability to use the techniques and features in Opal to develop high-quality, portable models and accurate simulation tools.

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SiSoft’s Role in IBIS-AMI
The IBIS Algorithmic Modeling Interface (IBIS-AMI) is a modeling standard for SerDes transceivers that enables fast, accurate, statistically significant simulation of multi-gigabit serial links. IBIS-AMI was developed by a consortium of EDA, semiconductor and systems companies and was approved as part of the IBIS 5.0 Specification in August 2008.

SiSoft has been a driving force in IBIS-AMI since its inception in 2006. Previous SiSoft contributions to IBIS-AMI include:
  • First public simulation toolkit & reference models
  • First IBIS-AMI models developed & delivered under contract
  • First to publish IBIS-AMI performance & correlation data
  • First commercial release of a fully IBIS-AMI compliant channel simulator
  • First to support both Statistical & Time-Domain simulation using IBIS-AMI models
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