SiSoft Announces Low-Cost Limited Term Licenses-Targets DDR2 Market


SiSoft Announces Low-Cost Limited Term Licenses-Targets DDR2 Market

Maynard, MA -- December 05, 2005 - Signal Integrity Software, Inc. (SiSoft™) today announced a new marketing promotion that targets first-time signal integrity analysis users who are doing DDR2 analysis. SiSoft is offering low-cost limited renewal term based licenses for its Quantum-SI™ products, which also include design analysis kits. This latest innovation from SiSoft provides companies with a very low risk, low cost way to enter the signal integrity market.

"The cost and complexity of analysis tools represent insurmountable barriers for many small to medium sized companies," said Warren Hayden, vice president of SiSoft's product group. "In the past, we have offered several creative solutions to help customers who are neophytes to signal integrity take the SI plunge. SiSoft's new sales promotion targets first-time signal integrity customers who are or will be doing DDR2 designs. We have been approached by many companies who are worried about their next design project because they do not have any formal signal integrity analysis process in place. Many have said that they have had to repeatedly build and debug the hardware in the lab, experimenting with various fixes until SI, timing and crosstalk problems had been mitigated sufficiently to build the final product. The complexity of these new high-speed interfaces has many engineers questioning their traditional approaches to solving high-speed design issues."

"We have been approached by several companies that would like to collaborate with SiSoft to produce preconfigured, low cost design analysis kits to help make their customers successful," stated Barry Katz, president and CTO of SiSoft. "I have been interfacing with several of these companies and have worked out a creative approach with Warren Hayden, our VP of the Software Products group, to offer low-cost ready to use analysis kits with instructions for tailoring the initial design configurations to meet customer specific requirements. What we will be offering is lower cost limited term licenses that may be renewed once at the original renewal price. This will help reduce the sticker shock for new signal integrity analysis customers, while also reducing the barriers to adoption and improving their chance for success. SiSoft will offer a pre-layout only package and a pre-/post-layout package. Each promotional package will include signal integrity, timing and crosstalk analysis functionality with lossy transmission lines, which will offer these customers unparalleled capabilities and ease-of-use. We are confident that most customers who try our Quantum-SI products will eventually become one of our long-term signal integrity analysis partners."

About Low-Cost Limited Term Quantum-SI Licenses
Quantum-SI 50 and 300 product configurations are now available in low-cost limited term-based licenses for DDR2 customers. To learn more about DDR2 analysis kits, visit the following URL: To learn more about these DDR2 promotions, contact SiSoft at This offer is only valid for U.S. customers.

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