SiSoft Announces Signal Integrity Analysis Kit for IXP2800


SiSoft Announces Signal Integrity Analysis Kit for IXP2800

Maynard, MA - (BUSINESS WIRE) - June 20, 2003 - Signal Integrity Software, Inc. (SiSoft), a Massachusetts based consulting services and EDA company, today announced it is unveiling its new SiAuditor IXDP2800 Analysis Kit at NPC East. The analysis kit provides customers with a low cost signal integrity and timing analysis environment to help jump-start their analysis process on new designs using the IXP2800 network processor family from Intel®. The analysis kit includes SiAuditor™ and the associated pre-layout analysis and post-layout verification environments for the IXDP2800 development system.

SiSoft's President and CTO, Barry Katz said, "Companies are experiencing sharp upturns in system-level signal integrity and timing issues that result in project delays and increased product costs. These companies are finding that they can no longer rely on traditional system-level design methodologies and tools to deal with today's high-speed ASIC and interface technologies. Higher operating frequencies and fast edge-rates are seriously degrading system noise and timing margins causing fatal hardware failures. To combat these issues, companies are over-designing their hardware and resorting to costly redesign cycles to ensure that system-level margins are met. That's where SiSoft can help - we're providing innovative and cost effective solutions that allow customers to more accurately predict margin and eliminate costly redesigns."

SiSoft's IXDP2800 analysis kit targets customers who are developing new products using Intel's IXP2800 processor family. The analysis kit comes with the pre-layout and post-layout analysis environment that was used to analyze Intel's IXDP2800 development system. Barry Katz added, "Customers can quickly perform pre-layout analysis by tailoring our IXDP2800 analysis environment and then drive the derived constraints into the PCB layout process. After board layout, SiAuditor™ automatically leverages pre-layout analysis setups into the post-layout verification flow, which significantly shortens the final PCB verification process."

The IXDP2800 analysis kit announcement coincides with SiSoft's rollout of their new "Quick Turn" Signal Integrity (QTSI) services packages. SiSoft's President said, "The IXDP2800 analysis kit provides a very affordable signal integrity analysis product for IXP2800 development. Our complementary quick turn services offer a low cost alternative to companies that don't have in-house expertise or who prefer to outsource their system-level signal integrity and timing analysis."

The IXDP2800 analysis kit is priced at $10,000 for a one-year term lease. For more information about availability, contact sales at 978-461-0449 or