SiSoft Announces Tech Preview for DesignCon East


SiSoft Announces Tech Preview for DesignCon East

Maynard, MA -- September 18, 2005 - Signal Integrity Software, Inc. (SiSoft™) today announced that it will preview a new family of DDR2 analysis kits at DesignCon East 2005. The analysis kits, which include parts from Micron, Xilinx, Altera, Freescale, and Smart Modular Technologies, are designed to shave weeks to months off of the traditional pre-/post-layout analysis cycle. Each kit includes preconfigured JEDEC DDR2 memory configurations, a memory controller, and models that are ready to use.

The DDR2 analysis kits, which are included with all Quantum-SI™ / SiAuditor™ product configurations, will be showcased on the DesignCon East exhibition floor as part of SiSoft's product and service demonstrations. The DDR2 analysis kits are also associated with a high-speed memory design paper that SiSoft and Micron will be presenting as part of the TecForum conference track.

According to Todd Westerhoff, an SI manager at Cisco Systems, "SiSoft's new DDR2 analysis kits have yielded significant productivity gains for our team. It is critical to analyze DDR2 interfaces for the composite effects of signal integrity, timing, and crosstalk for each of the different memory configurations, which is a non-trivial task. SiSoft's products not only integrate signal integrity, timing, and crosstalk analysis in their tightly coupled pre-/post-layout environment, but they now automatically account for populations, dynamic on-die termination (ODT) configurations, and slew-rate derating. As a result, we have been able to perform much more thorough analysis in a shorter period of time."

"SiSoft made use of its product's design analysis reuse capability to implement its new family of DDR2 analysis kits, which provides an out-of-the box solution for its customers," commented Barry Katz, president and chief technology officer of SiSoft. "With the addition of the analysis kits, our latest product family brings a new dimension to high-speed interface analysis accuracy and automation. Now, our customers can focus on design implementation rather than on the time-consuming and painful analysis set-up process. To ensure that our kits met the most stressing needs of our high-end customers, SiSoft worked with industry leaders, like Micron, investing a significant amount of resources to add the required product functionality and automation."

DesignCon East attendees will be able to view a range of design kits that includes industry standard memory parts and controllers. Attendees will see firsthand how they can greatly simplify DDR2 design by using SiSoft's preconfigured kits for pre-/post-layout analysis flows. Please visit SiSoft's booth (#104) at DesignCon East for more details.

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