SiSoft Introduces New Product Family


SiSoft Announces New Product Family

Maynard, MA -- August 2, 2004 - Signal Integrity Software, Inc. (SiSoft™) today announced that it will introduce a new family of signal integrity products that are targeted for mainstream circuit design and signal integrity engineers. The Quantum-SI™ products are expected to redefine the standards for high-speed analysis, providing powerful feature sets and ease-of-use at a fraction of the cost of other major competitive products. Quantum-SI will continue to provide seamless integration with HSPICE®, but it will also include the IsSpice4™ simulation engine from Intusoft®.

"Quantum-SI offers unparalleled value, functionality and ease-of-use," said Warren Hayden, Vice President of Software Products. "This new product family represents the culmination of a multi-year technology investment by SiSoft, including key acquisitions and a strategic partnership with Intusoft. We expect our software revenue to increase dramatically over the next 12 months, as Quantum-SI gains market share. Quantum-SI is aggressively priced and comes with features and functionality not found in much more costly analysis products. SiSoft and Intusoft have worked closely together to add the lossy transmission line element to their IsSpice4; simulation engine and enhance IBIS model support."

Larry Meares, president of Intusoft commented, "It's exciting to see Quantum-SI capitalize on the technological leadership from both companies. SiSoft's new product family will enable engineers involved in advanced signal integrity analysis to solve today's tough high-speed design issues. Quantum-SI represents the industry's foremost SI solution at an exceptionally affordable price."

"Quantum-SI includes all of the existing capabilities of our SiAuditor™ products and we have added a lot of new functionality to both product lines," said Barry Katz, SiSoft's President and CTO. "We've shown early versions of Quantum-SI to a number of customers and their feedback has been enthusiastic and very positive. Many innovative enhancements are planned over the next few releases. We have been working with some key companies to incorporate very high-payoff functionality that will clearly establish SiSoft's leadership in the area of high-speed interface design and analysis."

Quantum-SI will be available in four base product configurations with a number of add-on options that will enable customers to easily tailor product configurations to meet their specific needs. Product pricing starts as low as $5,500 for a yearly term-based license and $11,000 for a perpetual floating license. All products include signal integrity, timing, and crosstalk analysis. Quantum-SI is available on Windows 2000 and XP, with planned releases later this year on other platforms. Entry-level products provide pre-layout analysis capabilities, while the more advanced product configurations address pre-layout analysis and post-layout verification for complex multi-board systems. Most Quantum-SI configurations also provide seamless integration with either HSPICE or IsSpice4, affording maximum flexibility to customers.

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