SiSoft Releases Modeling Toolkit for SerDes Model Evaluation and Development


SiSoft Releases Modeling Toolkit for SerDes Model Evaluation and Development

MAYNARD, Mass. - October 16, 2007 - Signal Integrity Software, Inc. (SiSoft™) released version 2 of its SERDES modeling toolkit today, placing a distribution of the toolkit on the IBIS-ATM web site for free download. The toolkit allows users to evaluate and develop models based on the proposed IBIS-ATM standard for SerDes modeling and channel analysis. The toolkit includes a "simulator" utility that uses the IBIS-ATM models, a random stimulus generator utility, a fully functional SerDes transmitter model, documentation and a sample set of analysis data.

The toolkit serves four important functions:
  • Allows users to run sample simulations using the included transmitter model, assessing the impact of transmit equalization on channel behavior. Users will also be able to analyze receiver behavior by providing additional models.
  • Provides a "reference implementation" for the simulator/model interface defined in the IBIS-ATM proposal. This will allow users experiencing problems with a particular EDA tool / model combination to assess the source of the problem.
  • Allows IBIS-ATM model developers to develop and test models in a controlled environment. The "simulator" utility can also be used to document a model's intended behavior and produce a set of reference results.
  • Provides a starting point for model development. The transmitter model in the toolkit will include source code that model developers can leverage to develop their own device-specific models.
Version 2 of the toolkit includes updates to reflect the latest version of the proposed standard, and enhancements that make it easier to view data created by the toolkit using commercial EDA waveform viewers. Simulation results from the toolkit can now be loaded directly into SiSoft's SiViewer, and can be imported into other waveform viewers that support a .csv data format.
"Effective analysis of serial links requires simulating millions of bits' worth of data", noted Dr. Michael Steinberger, lead architect for SiSoft's serial link analysis solutions. "IBIS-ATM models make this possible, providing simulation results that allow designers to evaluate critical design tradeoffs. We've seen simulation performance on the order of 1 million bits per minute, and demonstrated that these models can scale to simulations of 1 billion bits and beyond."

The free toolkit can be downloaded from the IBIS-ATM task group's work area.

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More information on the IBIS-ATM Evaluation Toolkit (including sample simulation results) can be found on the IBIS-ATM task group's website.

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