SiSoft’s Quantum Channel Designer Earns DesignVision Award at DesignCon 2009


SiSoft's Quantum Channel Designer Earns DesignVision Award at DesignCon 2009

Left to Right: Todd Westerhoff, Vice President of Software Products, SiSoft; Michael Steinberger, Ph.D., Lead Architect, SiSoft;  Barry Sullivan, DesignCon Program Director, International Engineering Consortium; Barry Katz, President and CTO, SiSoft

SiSoft's Multi-Gigabit Serial Link Analysis Tool, Quantum Channel Designer™, Earns DesignVision Award at DesignCon 2009

Maynard, MA - February 4, 2009 - Signal Integrity Software, Inc. (SiSoft™) today announced that Quantum Channel Designer™ (QCD), their latest product for system-level design and analysis of serial links up to 20 Gbps, received the Design Vision Award for System Modeling and Simulation Tools at DesignCon 2009. The DesignVision Awards, which celebrate the premier design tools and products judged as the most unique and beneficial to the semiconductor industry, were announced on Tuesday at DesignCon in Santa Clara.

"The IEC's DesignVision Awards honor innovations that help advance the industry," commented IEC Executive Vice President Roger Plummer. "We're pleased to recognize SiSoft as a DesignVision Awards Winner and we look forward to Quantum Channel Designer's demonstration on this year's DesignCon exhibition floor!"

"SiSoft is honored to win this award", said Barry Katz, President and CTO of SiSoft. "Multi-gigabit serial links present new requirements for simulation capacity and accuracy that traditional signal integrity tools can't meet. Quantum Channel Designer is the result of two years worth of effort between SiSoft, its customers and SiSoft's semiconductor partners to develop a new class of simulation tools for serial links. Our shared vision has helped establish the IBIS-AMI modeling standard that makes this new class of tools possible. For the first time, system designers can perform fast and accurate simulations of their serial channels along with their specific SerDes IP. Quantum Channel Designer combines advanced simulation techniques with a graphical user interface and superior automation to place advanced analysis in the hands of the system designer. This allows designers to rapidly co-optimize their channel design and SerDes IP configuration to improve performance and cost without sacrificing reliability."

Quantum Channel Designer Architectural design kits are available for popular interface standards like PCI-Express, XAUI, SATA, SAS, USB and different 802.3 protocols. Quantum Channel Designer Implementation design kits are available for specific combinations of semiconductor vendors and SerDes IP. Interested parties should contact SiSoft for more information on kit availability.

SiSoft representatives will be demonstrating Quantum Channel Designer on the show floor at DesignCon in Santa Clara. Exhibition hours are from 12:30PM to 6:30PM on both Tuesday and Wednesday, February 3-4.

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