SiSoft Ships DDR2 Analysis Kits


SiSoft Ships DDR2 Analysis Kits

Maynard, MA -- November 28, 2005 - Signal Integrity Software, Inc. (SiSoft™) today announced that it is shipping DDR2 design analysis kits with its new Quantum-SI™ 2005.11 release. The Quantum-SI advantage just increased with the release of its DDR2 1-slot and 2-slot DDR2 interface analysis kits, which are designed to shave weeks to months off of the traditional analysis cycle, while providing greater analysis accuracy.

Barry Katz, SiSoft president and CTO, has worked closely with a number of silicon companies to broker collaborative efforts that are paying off with high dividends for SiSoft's customers. Katz remarked, "We have received some very positive responses from numerous customers who have successfully used our DDR2 kits to dramatically reduce analysis time. Analysis kits provide SiSoft with a major competitive advantage because of our unique product architecture. Quantum-SI is interface centric, which allows an entire parallel interface to be easily captured and analyzed for the effects of signal integrity, timing and crosstalk for both pre-layout and post-layout flows. None of the other competitors can do this yet. Quantum-SI also supports design analysis reuse, which allows us to rapidly create variants of interfaces without a lot of manual intervention. Some of our more advanced customers are also beginning to take advantage of this differentiating product functionality."

"Our latest innovation, DDR2 analysis kits, is just another step in our planned expansion into the mainstream SI market," said Warren Hayden, vice president of SiSoft's product group. "We work with leading edge companies who are pushing the envelope of design. For this type of customer, SiSoft delivers tomorrow's solutions today. In return, we gain insight and knowledge into critical market trends that we can then leverage into the mainstream. Our U.S. sales team has aggressively gone after market share, forcing our only mainstream competitor to offer unheard of discounts and, in some cases, provide customers with complimentary seats of one of their other tools in order to win the business. Despite our competition's 'best efforts', we are steadily increasing our market share. A series of major product enhancements are planned over the next 12 to 18 months that will add even more distance between our Quantum-SI product and its nearest competitor."

About Quantum-SI
Quantum-SI is available in four different product configurations with a number of add-on options that allow customers to easily tailor product configurations to meet their specific needs. Product pricing starts as low as $5,500 for a yearly term-based license and $11,000 for a perpetual floating license. All products include signal integrity, timing, and crosstalk analysis. Quantum-SI is available on Windows 2000 and XP, with planned releases later next year on other platforms. Entry-level products provide pre-layout analysis capabilities, while the more advanced product configurations address pre-layout analysis and post-layout verification for complex multi-board systems.

About Signal Integrity Software, Inc.
Signal Integrity Software, Inc. is a leading provider of signal integrity products and expert consulting services for high-speed system-level interconnect design and analysis. SiSoft offers industry leading signal integrity and timing analysis solutions for high-speed interface design and analysis. Its products provide unprecedented accuracy in predicting system-level noise and timing margins, as well as unparalleled value and ease-of-use. SiSoft's consultants specialize in signal integrity design and analysis of IC interfaces and electronic interconnects, including model development, I/O buffer characterization, package design and analysis, and single/multi-board system-level interconnect analysis. Information on SiSoft is provided at