SiSoft Showcases PCB High-Speed Design Closure Methodology at DesignCon 2006


SiSoft Showcases PCB High-Speed Design Closure™ Methodology at DesignCon 2006

Maynard, MA -- February 01, 2006 - Signal Integrity Software, Inc. (SiSoft™) today announced that it would showcase its High-Speed Design Closure™ methodology with the latest Quantum SI™ product release at DesignCon this year. High-Speed Design Closure is a unique, formalized methodology that integrates the capabilities of signal integrity, crosstalk, and timing analysis with rules-driven design.

SiSoft achieved a major milestone with its 2005.11 product release, which includes enhancements to the Quantum-SI post-layout flow that enables its customers to accurately predict the integrated effects of waveform quality and crosstalk on system-level noise and timing margins. SiSoft is the first and only EDA software company to provide this advanced functionality in a single product environment.

"Our pre-layout/what-if analysis products have been providing our customers with integrated signal integrity, crosstalk and timing analysis for years. The integrated post-layout flow offers signal integrity and static timing analysis for systems that range from a single board to very large complex multi-board/multi-CAD-vendor configurations. Design kits for the latest buses (e.g. DDR2) enable our customers to quickly integrate our tools into their design flow. This most recent product advancement is proving to be a real differentiator with many of our high-end and mainstream customers. "Our competitors don't really have a solution that can compete against Quantum-SI" commented Barry Katz, president and CTO of SiSoft. "Our latest product release closes the signal integrity, crosstalk and timing analysis loop in the post-layout verification flow, allowing our customers to analyze for the composite effects that crosstalk and waveform quality have on system-level timing. Quantum-SI offers a formalized end-to-end analysis methodology, known as Core-to-Core™, that enables engineers to achieve High-Speed Design Closure in a single product."

"SiSoft enjoys a rich history of bringing innovative solutions to the high-speed marketplace. We take great pride in this," said Warren Hayden, SiSoft's vice-president of software products. "Quantum-SI enables our customers to achieve first pass success. When compared to other signal integrity products, Quantum-SI is simply a more complete solution."

"Quantum-SI represents a paradigm shift in high-speed analysis," Hayden added. "Virtually all of SiSoft's high end customers already had high-speed processes and tools in place. However, Quantum SI has been able to overcome the inertia of incumbent products and existing processes by providing both compelling capability and value. Quantum-SI's advanced capabilities and comparative ease-of-use have resulted in major industry corporations switching their high-speed design methodologies to incorporate our products. Quantum-SI offers advanced functionality not found in other signal integrity products at any price. We like to refer to these compelling arguments as the Quantum-SI advantage. We have had a significant number of large companies initially purchase 2 or 3 licenses of Quantum-SI and then come back for repeat purchases of 5 or more seats within 12 months of the original purchase. This is the best kind of customer endorsement that you can get!"

About Quantum-SI
Quantum-SI is available in four different product configurations with a number of add-on options that allow customers to easily tailor product configurations to meet their specific needs. All products include signal integrity, timing, and crosstalk analysis. Quantum-SI is available on Solaris, Linux and Windows 2000/XP. Entry-level products provide pre-layout analysis capabilities, while the more advanced product configurations include post-layout verification capabilities for complex multi-board systems.

About SiSoft
SiSoft is a leading provider of signal integrity products and expert consulting services for high-speed system-level interconnect design and analysis. SiSoft offers industry leading signal integrity and timing analysis solutions that enable its customer to achieve High-Speed Design Closure for interface design and analysis. Its products provide unprecedented accuracy in predicting system-level noise and timing margins, as well as unparalleled value and ease-of-use. SiSoft's consultants specialize in signal integrity design and analysis of IC interfaces and electronic interconnects, including model development, I/O buffer characterization, package design and analysis, and single/multi-board system-level interconnect analysis. Further information on SiSoft is provided at