Sisoft to Present at Altium User's Group


SiSoft™ to Present at New England Area Altium Designer™ User Group's Inaugural Session

MAYNARD, MA — March 4, 2010 — Signal Integrity Software, Inc. (SiSoft™) announced today that they will be presenting the new interface(s) between Altium Designer and Quantum Channel Designer™/Quantum-SI™ at the inaugural meeting of the Boston area Altium Designer User Group in Westborough, MA on Thursday, March 04, 2010.

About SiSoft™
SiSoft™ provides award-winning EDA simulation software, methodology training and consulting services for system-level high-speed design. Quantum Channel Designer™ is the Industry's Premier Channel Simulator for the design and analysis of multi-Gigabit serial links and a DesignVision 2009 Award Winner. Quantum-SI™ is the leading solution for integrated signal integrity, timing and crosstalk analysis of high-speed parallel interfaces. SiSoft's software products automate comprehensive pre- and post-route analysis of high speed interfaces, detailing a design's operating voltage and timing margins. Design Space Exploration lets designers explore hundreds of design tradeoffs automatically, quickly optimizing designs for cost, reliability and performance.

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