SiSoft to Support Netronome’s NFP-32xx Family of Network Flow Processors


SiSoft Announces Support for Netronome’s NFP-32xx

SiSoft to Support Netronome’s NFP-32xx Family of Network Flow Processors™ with Quantum Channel Designer™ and Quantum-SI™ Software Products

MAYNARD, MA – May 27, 2009 – Signal Integrity Software, Inc. ™ (SiSoft™) today announced support for the NFP-32xx from Netronome Systems, a leading developer of highly programmable semiconductor products that provide intelligent and secure flow processing for virtualized servers and network equipment. SiSoft has worked closely with Netronome to analyze and ensure the signal integrity on all the NFP-32xx high-speed network interfaces including PCIe, 25Gbps Interlaken, SPI-4.2, 10Gbps XAUI, QDR, and DDR3. The work performed by SiSoft has resulted in a set of layout guidelines that can be used by NFP-32xx users to accelerate implementation. SiSoft can enable users to analyze their designs through customized NFP-32xx kits for Quantum-SI™ and Quantum Channel Designer™ as well as through consulting services.
The NFP-32xx family of Network Flow Processors™ is the industry’s first merchant silicon to remove the performance barriers in unified computing architectures by integrating high-performance networking, security processing and I/O virtualization with general-purpose computing. Additionally, the NFP-32xx is the only line of processors backward-compatible with the market-leading Intel® IXP28XX, protecting customers’ immense investment in field-proven and network-hardened software.
SiSoft offers software products for high-speed design for both serial and parallel interfaces. SiSoft's latest product, Quantum Channel Designer™ (QCD), is a dedicated, system-level design and analysis environment for serial links up to 20 Gbps. QCD incorporates the latest frequency-domain, time-domain and statistical techniques to simulate the combined behavior of the passive channel and SerDes IP. SiSoft’s Quantum-SI™ products allow users to rapidly determine interface operating margins and achieve High-Speed Timing Closure™, providing unprecedented accuracy in predicting system-level noise and timing margins.

SiSoft’s consulting services organization has a proven track record of providing advanced high-speed consulting services including: pre-layout and post-layout design, package development, power delivery, and model generation.

“SiSoft has helped many IXP28xx customers achieve success through our Quantum family of software products for high-speed parallel and serial designs,” said Barry Katz, founder and CTO of SiSoft. “In addition, we have enabled a number of customers through our design kits and consulting services. We look forward to our continued partnership with Netronome so that we can repeat the success of the IXP28xx with that of the NFP-32xx.”

“We are delighted to be working with SiSoft,” said Niel Viljoen, founder and CEO of Netronome. “As the established leader in the field of system design and analysis for high-speed parallel and serial interfaces and multi-gigabit serial links, SiSoft has enabled us to ensure the signal integrity on all our NFP-32xx high-speed interfaces. By making SiSoft’s technology and capabilities available to our NFP-32xx customers, SiSoft is helping them to accelerate development time while minimizing risks.”

About Netronome Systems
Netronome is a leading developer of highly programmable semiconductor products that are used for intelligent flow processing in network and communications devices. Netronome’s solutions include network flow processors and acceleration cards that scale to more than 20Gbps. They are used in carrier-grade and enterprise-class communications products that require deep packet inspection, flow analysis, content processing, virtualization and security. Netronome is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, with core operations in San Jose, CA and Boxborough, MA, and international locations in the United Kingdom, China and South Africa. To learn more about Netronome and its products, please visit  

About SiSoft
SiSoft™ is the leading provider of integrated signal integrity and timing solutions for high-speed digital system design. SiSoft’s Quantum Channel Designer™ supports design and analysis of serial links operating in the 2-20 Gbps range. Quantum-SI™ provides integrated timing and signal integrity analysis of DDR2/DDR3 and other parallel bus interfaces. SiSoft’s consulting services organization has offered methodology, design analysis and model development services through its team of world-class signal integrity experts since 1995.

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