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SiSoft recently presented its new OptimEye technology for automatically optimizing eye margin in a webinar,"A SerDes Balancing Act: Co-Optimizing TX and RX Equalization Settings to Maximize Margin".

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"New SI Techniques for Large System Performance Tuning", presented at DesignCon 2016. To get a copy of this white paper, simply download the form below.

What is OptimEye™?

OptimEye is 3rd generation co-optimization technology from SiSoft that automatically adjusts TX & RX equalization settings to maximize RX eye height. OptimEye replaces the “blind sweeps” of TX settings customers have traditionally used to find optimal settings with an automated process that is performed by the simulator. Instead of performing large sweeps and using manual methods or scripts to look for the best settings, OptimEye provides the best answer directly. 

How does it work?

OptimEye uses unique co-optimization algorithms tailored for AMI analysis and built right into QCD’s simulation engine. It uses information contained in special optimization control files to understand the capabilities of a particular TX/RX combination and predict what the best combination of settings will be. OptimEye then uses additional information in the optimization control files to simulate the TX/RX models with what it expects are the best TX/RX settings. If the actual simulation matches expected results, both the simulation results and TX/RX settings are reported. If the actual simulation results vary substantially from what OptimEye predicted, OptimEye updates its prediction and the process iterates until it converges. 

How well do OptimEye results compare to other methods?

In our testing, OptimEye results are frequently better than results from other methods, and within millivolts even in cases where extensive effort was put into creating an optimized result through other methods. Most importantly, OptimEye generates these results automatically, bypassing the extensive time and effort put into optimizing through blind sweep, design of experiment and manual analysis methods.

Why should I use OptimEye? What will it get me?

OptimEye replaces large blind sweeps and associated scripts with a single simulation setup that reports the best TX/RX settings and design margin. In our estimation, that runs faster, reduces the chance for error and produces the best possible results. In short, it buys you time, sanity and design margin.

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