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Quantum Channel Designer

Quantum Channel Designer (QCD) is SiSoft's award-winning simulation environment for multi-gigabit serial channels using IBIS-AMI models. QCD provides superior capabilities for simulating large, complex system designs. Key capabilities include:
  • Superior support for standard and advanced IBIS-AMI models
  • Statistical and Time-Domain simulation with ISI extrapolation
  • Integrated support for crosstalk simulation
  • Automated swept-parameter analysis and post-processing for investigating large design spaces
  • Compute farm support, accelerating simulations by exploiting multiple processor cores
  • Automated post-processing of simulation results, extracting key design metrics and compliance with design standards
  • Automated post-route analysis with integrated PCB topology extraction
  • Automated S-Parameter quality checking with integrated S-parameter correction
  • Support for Design of Experiments (DOE) analysis through integration with SAS JMP software

 This video provides an introduction to setting up and running simulations in QCD:



SiViewer is SiSoft's interactive tool for examining simulation results. QCD's automated analysis methodology allows designers to explore large design spaces, quickly generating hundreds or thousands of simulation cases. SiViewer displays simulation results at multiple levels, allowing designers to  assess overall design trends and then "drill down" into results to understand specific design behaviors to understand cause and effect. QCD simulations create an integrated database of results that include key design metrics, compliance metrics and simulation waveforms. SiViewer accesses this database to produce different views on demand as designers investigate simulation results.

Key capabilities of SiViewer include:

  • Displays simulation results in spreadsheet form, one row per simulation case
  • Users plot results by selecting cases and indicating which waveforms to plot
  • Frequency-domain, time-domain, probability (histogram) and scatterplot displays
  • Integrated PCB database viewer with cross-probing
  • Enormous capacity - plots hundreds of waveforms quickly with a single command

This video provides an overview of viewing simulation results with SiViewer:


QCD Compliance Kits

QCD Compliance Kits give you a head start on your next design project with ready-to-run test setups with simulation models and topologies for a specific industry standard specification. Compliance kits provide a working starting point, letting you add vendor AMI and your channel models to see how well your proposed design will work.

These tests can include transmitter model compliance, receiver model compliance, channel compliance, and end-to-end compliance of a specific implementation as applicable. Each type of compliance may include one or more checks spanning eye masks, frequency domain masks, and other metrics.

QCD Compliance Kits include:

  • Sample TX/RX AMI models based on the standard's Tx/RX compliance specs
  • Test topologies with associated test points
  • Time and frequency-domain compliance masks
  • Key metrics as defined by the standard (reported in the SiViewer results)
This video (8 min 47 sec) provides an overview of QCD Compliance Kits:

This video (13 min 29 sec) provides an overview of the QCD Compliance Kit for PCIe Gen 3: