QCD Design Kits

IBIS-AMI Design Kits for Quantum Channel Designer

IBIS-AMI Design Kits for Quantum Channel Designer
SiSoft works directly with SerDes vendors to produce validated, correlated IBIS-AMI models and associated design kits for use with Quantum Channel Designer. Each design kit includes IBIS-AMI SerDes transceiver models, device package models and sample channel models that are set up and ready to simulate. Designers can immediately run simulations with the reference data and quickly import their own channel data to determine how the SerDes IP will perform with their channels. Swept-parameter analysis with QCD allows designers to quickly and effectively explore tradeoffs in channel design and equalization settings to optimize their design's operating margins.
QCD Compliance Kits
Quantum Channel Designer Compliance Kits provide automated compliance checks for popular standards like PCIe Gen 1/2/3, 802.3 KR, SFP+, XAUI, and others. Each compliance kit includes reference topologies and automated checks based on the individual standard. Checks are performed for four different categories:
  • Transmitter compliance tests into a reference load
  • Receiver compliance tests based on a reference channel and stressed eye input
  • Passive channel compliance tests
  • End-to-end channel compliance tests
Quantum Channel Designer Compliance Kits
Quantum Channel Designer Compliance Kits Metric
Each Compliance Kit includes sets of Compliance Rules tailored to the particular standard. Different rules (or rule sets) are assigned to the Transfer Nets in the kit, depending on the set of tests to be performed. Quantum Channel Designer automatically post-processes simulation results to:
  • Apply Time-Domain (Eye Mask) tests
  • Apply Frequency-Domain (Frequency Mask) tests
  • Extract Design Metrics and perform limit tests
Quantum Channel Designer automatically determines whether each test passes or fails and displays the results of each test along with the amount of positive or negative design margin.
QCD SerDes Vendor Implementation Kits

These kits include IBIS-AMI transceiver and package models for a specific SerDes manufacturer's IP, along with sample channel models. SiSoft works directly with the SerDes vendors to ensure the models run properly in Quantum Channel Designer and establish correlation against reference simulation or measurement data.
More information on currently available QCD SerDes Vendor Implementation Kits can be found on SiSoft's eLearning site.