Repeater and Retimer Modeling

Quantum Channel Designer supports IBIS-AMI extensions that enable support of repeater and retimer simulations using IBIS-AMI models.  The use of these extensions allows IBIS-AMI models and EDA tools to:
  • Model the non-linear behavior of high-speed analog repeaters/retimers
  • Model noise introduced by repeater elements in the middle of a transmission path
  • Model any number of connected repeaters/retimers in a channel
Repeaters and retimers allow designers to extend the electrical reach of their system enabling higher-performance on legacy backplanes.
IBIS-AMI Repeater Example in Quantum Channel Designer

Read More About SiSoft's Role in Moving the IBIS-AMI Standard Forward to Address Repeater and Retimer Modeling

SiSoft Collaborates with Inphi to Extend IBIS-AMI for Repeater Modeling, DesignCon 2011

SiSoft has been collaborating with Inphi since early 2009 to develop advanced techniques for simulating links operating at rates of 25 Gb/s and higher.
"We chose to work with SiSoft because of their demonstrated leadership in IBIS-AMI," said Norman Yeung, Vice President of Engineering at Inphi. "SiSoft's deep expertise in simulation and modeling with an exclusive focus on advanced system-level signal integrity aligns with Inphi's continued innovation in high-speed, high-signal integrity semiconductor solutions."