Product Videos and Demos


Quantum-SI (QSI) is SiSoft's signal integrity and timing tool for parallel bus interfaces such as DDR2/3/4. It allows virtually any asynchronous, synchronous or source synchronous interface to be validated for waveform integrity and timing. Key capabilities include:

  • Analyze the complete interface at once, hundreds and/or thousands of simulations
  • Flexible, accurate modeling of I/O buffers, packages, interconnect (IBIS/SPICE)
  • Comprehensive waveform processing
  • Quantum-SI design kits available for most common interfaces to minimize setup time
  • CAD layout and support for virtually any board database
  • Compute farm support, accelerating simulations by exploiting multiple processor cores
  • Automated post-processing of simulation results, extracting timing and waveform margins
  • Automated post-route analysis with integrated PCB topology extraction
  • Support for Design of Experiments (DOE) analysis through integration with SAS JMP software


This video (19 min, 17 sec) provides an introduction to running pre-route simulations and reviewing results in QSI.


This video (13 min, 54 sec) provides an introduction to setting up and running post-route simulations on QSI: