Crosstalk Analysis

SiSoft's methodology is to determine crosstalk limits during the pre-layout phase of a design. This is accomplished through the use of coupled interconnect models whose signal spacing can be varied as part of the solution space analysis capability in Quantum-SI. The composite effects of signal integrity, timing, and crosstalk are captured. In post-layout, the Quantum-SI crosstalk scanner is employed to determine relative coupling metrics between signals on the entire design.
SiSoft's consultants set the scanner inputs for each signal type based upon group type, edge-rates, and voltage swings. The scanner allows fast extraction of crosstalk results and allows the designer to quickly converge on a solution. Based on these results, specific nets or entire busses can be simulated from the post-layout database to obtain exact crosstalk values as needed. Extraction of critical signals is performed and simulations are run in order to develop solutions to any crosstalk problems.