IBIS Model Generation

Why Choose SiSoft for IBIS Model and IBIS-AMI?

Why use SiSoft for IBIS model development? 
SiSoft has been involved with the IBIS initiative since its beginning and has established itself as a leader in developing and validating quality IBIS models. We are an active member of the IBIS Open Forum and have a strong commitment to open modeling standards.
SiSoft consultants utilize SiSoft's proprietary process, called SiQ, to generate and validate I/O Buffer models to ensure accuracy and quality. SiSoft is typically able to achieve greater than 99 percent correlation between IBIS and HSPICE™ models. SiSoft IBIS modeling process accurately extracts component capacitance and models devices containing on-die termination (ODT) and differential I/O. SiSoft's IBIS model simulation or IBIS models are developed to be portable across IBIS simulation platforms.
Why use SiSoft for IBIS-AMI model simulation?
  • Undisputed leader in IBIS-AMI simulation & modeling technology
  • First published AMI model – donated source code to IBIS community
  • First public AMI model test simulator – free download
  • Experience - developed models & trained multiple ASIC, FPGA & Standard IC vendors
  • Experience - over 25 QCD Design Kits available
  • Experience - correlated IBIS-AMI models for multiple vendors / processes
Our Quantum Channel Designer (QCD) software is the most advanced Serial link analysis tool available. QCD, a DesignVision 2009 Award Winner, can accelerate your model development process and speed your customer's design cycle.  QCD offers Simulink integration for SerDes design and IBIS-AMI model generation. 
IBIS-AMI Modeling Services
IBIS-AMI is a modeling standard for SerDes transceivers created to enable fast, statistically significant analysis of high-speed serial links. IBIS-AMI based analysis enables designers to optimize their serial links for performance, reliability and cost. SiSoft is one of the original authors of the IBIS-AMI standard and continually works with its Semiconductor Partners to extend the standard for new technologies.
IBIS-AMI model development
SiSoft consultants work with you to assess your current modeling methodology and determine the best way to develop and validate IBIS-AMI models. SiSoft's consultants then develop models for your transceivers, providing validated models and correlation data.
IBIS-AMI Training
SiSoft can train your staff on the IBIS-AMI standard and show you how to utilize existing models (Matlab, HSPICE, …) to create and validate a fully compliant IBIS-AMI model. SiSoft can accelerate your model development process by licensing its AMI technology code library, which includes algorithms for modeling transmit equalizers, peaking filters, Decision Feedback Equalizers (DFE) and different clock recovery schemes. SiSoft on-site training covers any licensed source code to ensure your developers will be effective.

Material presented by SiSoft on IBIS-AMI

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