IBIS Model Validation Flow

SiSoft's IBIS Model Validation Process
  1. To validate IBIS models, SiSoft requires the IBIS model and a detailed component datasheet. Once SiSoft has received this data, it initiates its SiQ process to validate the IBIS model.
  2. SiSoft's consultants perform an exhaustive verification of the model parameters to the datasheet, adding or fixing model data until valid errors are eliminated.
  3. The IBIS IV, VT, and clamp curves are extracted and inspected. If the model passes the visual inspection, an IBIS check is performed; the model is simulated; and the final report is generated.
  4. If a model cannot be repaired, the findings are documented in a model problem report, which is submitted to the customer.

SiSoft's IBIS Model Validation Process