Lab Validation

SiSoft's has practical experience in every aspect of lab measurement. We are skilled with most test equipment including Spectrum Analyzer, VNA, high-speed real time and sampling oscilloscopes, TDR, LCR and curve tracers, including the associated measurement and calibration techniques. As part of system measurements, SiSoft will correlate lab measurements to those predicted by simulation. SiSoft has the skills and expertise to analyze, debug, capture, measure, calibrate and verify your design either independently or in conjunction with your design team.

This includes the following:
  • Signal Acquisition
    • Review captured data
    • Meticulously document
  • Setup conditions and run diagnostics
    • Control signals/conditional capture
  • Measurement points and channel de-skew
    • Proper probing techniques including short ground leads
  • Single-ended and differential probing
  • Power and ground bounce measurements
  • Correlation between lab measurements and simulated results