SI Training Courses

SiSoft provides individualized signal integrity and timing analysis courses to educate key designers and signal integrity engineers. These in-depth courses can be customized to provide varying levels of technical detail depending on the customer's requirements and expertise. SiSoft's consulting engineers, who are subject knowledge experts on these topics, present these signal integrity courses. Training classes range from 2 to 5 days in length. To request more information please contact

Methodology and Product Training

Product training focuses on the use of the Quantum-SI solution and their implementation of SiSoft's Core-to-Core™ methodology. Our methodology provides a formalized process for analyzing signal integrity and timing from the inputs of output buffers to the outputs of input buffers and all the electrical interconnects in between.
Methodology and Product Training
Methodology and tool training include: project and library setup; I/O Characterization and driver selection; design analysis reuse; integrated signal integrity and timing analysis, as well as techniques and methodologies to minimize board-level crosstalk. SiSoft provides training on how to leverage the pre-layout environment and constraint generation into the post layout validation and analysis process.

Jump-Start Training for Quantum-SI

SiSoft's on-site jump-start training allows our product and methodology experts to work along side our customers to assist them in setting up Quantum-SI and implementing our Core-to-Core™ methodology on an actual design project. Our product application experts not only aid in the creation, setup, validation and analysis of the customers design, they also transfer key signal integrity, timing and crosstalk knowledge and trade-off techniques during the on-site training sessions.